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Ria's Orange Days

Ria Orange Day

Passion breeds action and action breeds opportunity…

It is organized once a month, when a group of Ria employees volunteer to organise and celebrate Orange Day in one of their agents’ locations. They bring a full Orange experience that can be seen in the deco, clothes and even the colour of the food.  Using music, food, colour and most of all a good vibe, they provide information, marketing material and prizes to their customers on that day.  A friendly smile, a little dance….the mood is contagious and the impact notable as customers flock in by the 100’s and enjoy the positive customer experience that Ria employees and agents offer.

The success of these events is not a result of any small feat.  Ria had to get the balance right.  It has achieved to create a working culture that includes commitment, pro-activity and action. And in return offers great team spirit, space for growth and creativity as part of a socially responsible business.

Orange Days are only one reason why Ria is increasing client transactions, retaining existing clients and ensuring new customer acquisition. The importance – as they say – is not that customers come, but that they come back.